The Inside Scoop on our Cake Designer, Sara Cox, for National Cake Decorating Day

The Inside Scoop on our Cake Designer, Sara Cox, for National Cake Decorating Day

This Wednesday is National Cake Decorating Day, so what better way to celebrate the day than by chatting with Baskin-Robbins' Cake Designer, Sara Cox. You may recognize her from our “How to Carve a Turkey Cake” video, or the talent behind our Fang-Tastic Monster Cake video, and chances are you have enjoyed or seen her designs in your local Baskin-Robbins shop! Sara has a pretty sweet job, so here is the inside scoop on how she became a cake designer at Baskin-Robbins.

Sara first got into cake designing during her Junior and Senior years of high school through a culinary arts class. During her senior year, she was offered the opportunity to participate in a work-study program, which led to her to her first job in a bakery at 17 years old, after only taking two cake decorating classes. Her first day happened to be one of our favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day, and so her boss asked her to decorate an entire rack of heart cakes. Sara admits they did not look amazing, but they still sold! After that, the projects and practice continued. At the time, Sara never could have imagined that that this would be anything more than a job during college, but here we are 20+ years later.

Sara Culinary School


Her big break happened when she got her first corporate job at a major bakery manufacturing company in Ohio. Here, she began working on big showpieces and major licensed properties. Since then, she has packed up everything and moved out to Boston to work at Dunkin’ Brands as a Cake Designer for Baskin-Robbins, and has designed hundreds of cakes throughout her career. Her favorite Baskin-Robbins cake designs are the Monster Cakes (The Fang-Tastic Monster Cake specifically), and the Floral Stripe cake, which debuted last year for Mother’s Day. Both cakes are fun, on-trend and in the direction that Sara sees the brand moving towards.

 Some other impressive cakes Sara has created during her career include a 3D zombie cake (topped with gumball eye) and a painted paisley cake with wildly intricate piping.



Since we are not all as talented as Sara, we asked what her secret tips and tricks were for someone just starting out in the cake decorating space. She said first, practice makes perfect! Second, you need to build a solid foundation, learn how to ice a cake so that it is well-balanced and smooth; this creates a nice clean surface to use for your design!

Sara’s favorite part about her job is coming into work every day and being creative while playing around with colors. Sara mentioned, “You really can’t be sad if you’re decorating a cake, and you know your creation will bring joy to someone’s life,” and we could not agree more!


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