A Friendsgiving Feast with Baskin-Robbins and Carla Hall

A Friendsgiving Feast with Baskin-Robbins and Carla Hall

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we’re sharing our favorite sweet treats for every Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast from Baskin-Robbins. To do so, we’ve partnered with Carla Hall – celebrity chef and author of the new cookbook, Carla Hall’s Soul Food – to introduce our November Flavor of the Month, Bourbon Street Pecan Pie. We announced this decadent new flavor, which celebrates Carla’s Southern style with every scoop, with Carla at a special Friendsgiving event in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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At our Friendsgiving dinner, Carla brought the savory with recipes from her new cookbook and Sara and Nikki from the Baskin-Robbins Culinary Team brought the sweet, including our new Red Velvet Roll cake and the classic Turkey Cake that make for the perfect center piece on any holiday table! You may have seen our Turkey Cake before, but did you know that this all ice cream cake is fully customizable with any ice cream flavor? If the Baskin-Robbins Turkey Cake will be at your holiday celebration, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to carve this tasty treat!

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For those looking to add a pop of color to their tablescape, pick up our Red Velvet Roll Cake featuring Creole Cream Cheese ice cream wrapped in red velvet cake with rich cocoa flavors and distinctive red velvet hues. Topped with white icing, red velvet cake crumbs and chocolate swirls, the Red Velvet Cake is a delicious treat to start off the holiday season!

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Both the Turkey Cake and Red Velvet Roll Cake are available for pre-order both in-store and online at www.baskinrobbins.com/onlineordering.


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