Meet Pint-Sized Hero Andi Musser from Shreve, Ohio

Meet Pint-Sized Hero Andi Musser from Shreve, Ohio

This October, the Pint-Sized Heroes™ program continues with the announcement of Baskin-Robbins’ twelfth honoree to date: 11-year-old Andi Musser from Shreve, OH! Andi exemplifies what it means to impact your community for the better, and Baskin-Robbins is excited to recognize Andi’s passion and commitment to serving her community.

After a friend confided in her that she had no girls clothes to wear due to only having hand-me-down clothing from her older brothers, Andi made it her mission to help her friend. That night she went home, went through her closet and filled a duffel bag with clothes that she had outgrown or didn’t need. The next day Andi gave the bag to her friend discreetly in the bathroom at school. Once Andi realized the impact she made on one student, she set her sights on creating a closet at her school where all students could get new clothes if they are in need.

With the support of her elementary school’s staff, Andi’s idea came to life when the Kindness Closet opened at her school in August 2020. To stock the closet, Andi wrote letters to stores in her area explaining her mission and asking for donations - ultimately filling the space with new and lightly used clothing, shoes, bookbags and other useful items for elementary school students. Andi wants to open another Kindness Closet at her new middle school, and eventually hopes that there will be a Kindness Closet at every school.

Andi Musser


We’re honored to recognize Andi, her dedication to her community, and her mission of helping those in need. To pay it forward, the Baskin-Robbins Joy in Childhood Foundation® is giving a $5,000 donation to the charity of her choice, the Doggie Brigade at the Akron Children’s Hospital, a program that brings four-legged friends to visit children receiving care. To show our personal gratitude to Andi, we will also be treating her to a year of free Baskin-Robbins ice cream!

When Andi isn’t giving back or eating her favorite Baskin-Robbins® ice cream – Gold Medal Ribbon® – she enjoys playing volleyball, swimming and spending time with friends. Even with several accomplishments under her belt already, Andi has big dreams for when she grows up and aspires to be a police officer.

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