Meet Pint-Sized Hero Natalie Salvatierra from Orange County, California

Meet Pint-Sized Hero Natalie Salvatierra from Orange County, California

Here at Baskin-Robbins, we’re continuing to highlight young philanthropists who use their passion and creativity to give back to their communities. After combing through awe-inspiring submissions of helpful hands all across the country, we are excited to announce our sixth Pint-Sized Hero, Natalie Salvatierra, who joins the first wave of honorees, and most recently CJ Matthews, in being recognized as an outstanding young hero.

An Orange County, California native, Natalie began her journey to give back in May when she noticed that many people were struggling with anxiety and mental health issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. As a way to help spread encouragement and "sunshine" to people who may be suffering with their mental health, Natalie started the organization Solely Sunshine.

Aptly named after her sunny home state of California, Solely Sunshine began with Natalie asking her personal Instagram followers to write and send her letters of encouragement and kindness that she’d print and mail to local mental health facilities. Over time, as more and more people became interested in writing letters to those in need, Natalie created a website so that anyone around the world could quickly and easily contribute and make a difference. She and her team transcribe every virtual message from the website to paper. To date, Solely Sunshine has received letters from people across 32 states and 35 countries and mail over 1,000 letters to children and young adults in mental health facilities in the U.S. and abroad, letting the recipient of each letter know that they aren’t alone and that their future is bright.

We’re honored to be recognizing Natalie and the work she has done in her community. As a thank you for all of her hard work and to celebrate her amazing accomplishments, Natalie will receive free ice cream for a year and Baskin-Robbins is paying her good deeds forward with a $5,000 donation shared between the local charities of her choice, CHOC Mental Health Facility and The Assistance League of Tustin.

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When she’s not out spreading sunshine to everyone around her, Natalie is a Girl Scout who loves to cook, Hawaiian hula dance and even published a children’s book to help kids with anxiety. Like Baskin-Robbins, the young entrepreneur and philanthropist also has a keen interest in flavor innovation and hopes to be a food chemist with a focus in flavor development when she grows up. 

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