The Story Behind our January Flavor of the Month, Bobsled Brownie®

The Story Behind our January Flavor of the Month, Bobsled Brownie®

This January, a returning favorite Flavor of the Month, Bobsled Brownie®, has come out of the deep freeze for a limited time and is available at Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide! Ice cream fans will be dashing through the snow to enjoy this combination of butter caramel flavored and milk chocolate mousse-flavored ice cream with blonde brownie pieces and a fudge crackle swirl throughout.

To celebrate the return of Bobsled Brownie, we wanted to give our readers the inside scoop on this champion of a flavor. The story behind Bobsled Brownie begins with some brand history. Baskin-Robbins is known for creating ice cream flavors that mark moments in history whether based on a sporting event or pop culture happening, and this flavor is an example of that. Bobsled Brownie was inspired by the 2002 women’s bobsled victory in Salt Lake City, and was first created in 2004. You may have also gotten a taste of this flavor back in 2011 when it was previously featured as the December Flavor of the Month.

Guests can warm up during one of the coldest months of the year and double down on the blonde brownie-goodness by enjoying Bobsled Brownie in a Warm Brownie Sundae. Alternatively, pair Bobsled Brownie with Gold Metal Ribbon® and Winter White Chocolate® to make a game winning Bobsled Banana Split. The flavor is also available in sundaes, milkshakes, customizable ice cream cakes, and hand-packed containers so ice cream lovers can bring Bobsled Brownie home to enjoy with family and friends. 

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