The Story Behind Love Potion #31®

The Story Behind Love Potion #31®

February has arrived, which means love is in the air at Baskin-Robbins with the return of our guest favorite ice cream flavor, Love Potion #31®. This enchanting white chocolate and raspberry flavored ice cream is sure to send everyone head over heels with its raspberry-filled chocolate flavored hearts, chocolate flavored chips, and raspberry swirl. 

First introduced in 1995, Love Potion #31® had everyone in love at first scoop. Struck with Cupid’s arrow, Love Potion #31® was created to provide sweet relief to broken hearts on Valentine’s Day. This flavor hits your taste buds with its tart raspberry ribbon, and the chocolate flavored chips melt in your mouth while the raspberry-filled chocolate flavored hearts introduce a luxurious feeling of biting into a dark chocolate truffle, making you fall deeper in love with every scoop.

For a twist on the classic Love Potion #31®, we introduced Love Potion #31® Dark in 2014. This flavor was a beautiful complement to the original, and featured a combination of delicious chocolate and raspberry flavored ice creams mixed with raspberry-filled white chocolate hearts and a raspberry-flavored ribbon.

A returning favorite, Love Potion #31® is perfect in a freshly baked, chocolate-dipped waffle cone, a Love Potion #31® Milkshake, or as a layer in one of our signature Ice Cream Cakes, including our new Box of Chocolates Cake! To make the season of love even sweeter check out these cocktails. Love Potion #31® is sure to leave you in love.

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