The Baskin-Robbins Football Cake is The Perfect Game Day Treat

The Baskin-Robbins Football Cake is The Perfect Game Day Treat

Looking for a sweet and simple treat for the big game? Look no further! The Baskin-Robbins Football Cake is the perfect dessert for that game day get together.

Shaped like a football, this all ice-cream cake scores winning points at every game day party and can be customized with your favorite flavor, including fan favorite Quarterback Crunch®. Perfect for a large group, this cake serves between 10-12 people!

You may have heard about our Quarterback Crunch® flavor before. This classic flavor is celebrating its 40th birthday this year! It was created by two Baskin-Robbins store owners in Chatsworth, California – after watching their local team’s quarterback get sacked several times during a game in 1978, they came up with this flavor that has been a fan favorite every season since. Vanilla flavored ice cream drops back and scores with rice crunchies in a chocolate flavored coating. And the caramel ribbon is good for the extra point!

The Football Cake is available for pre-order both in-store or online at Our ice cream cakes are created and decorated in local Baskin-Robbins shops, so you can work directly with your local store’s cake decorator on any custom design requests.

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