The Inside Scoop on our New Cookie Cakes

The Inside Scoop on our New Cookie Cakes

Is it a cake? Is it a giant ice cream sandwich? Here at Baskin-Robbins we think our new Cookie Cakes are a little bit of both, so keep reading for the inside scoop on this innovative new product!

First, some background on the new dessert. Our Cookie Cakes do look a bit like giant ice cream sandwiches, with two round chocolate chip cookie or brownie crusts stacked around 20 oz of your favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor, including our April Flavor of the Month, Boston Cream Pie, and seasonal flavor Horchata Ice.

The inspiration for our new Cookie Cakes came from listening to Baskin-Robbins fans and the giant cookies people sometimes decorate for birthdays and other celebrations. The idea sandwiching a layer of our delicious ice cream between  two Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat crusts to create a Cookie Cake just made complete sense. Our culinary team made sure that our crusts are soft and chewy so that they can be decorated, sliced and enjoyed easily, just like a cake!

Our Cookie Cakes are offered in two classic designs. First, the Celebrations Cookie Cake is topped with whipped topping, colorful frosting, and rainbow confetti sprinkles, making it perfect for anything worth celebrating! Second, the Fudge Brownie ‘n OREO® Cookie Cake, is topped with whipped topping, OREO® cookies, fudge drizzle and a fudge border. Both Cookie Cakes are available to order and customize online at, or in-store at your local Baskin-Robbins.

Watch our Celebrations Cookie Cake come to life in the below time-lapse video!



Pro-tip: These Cookie Cakes can be customized with many of the Baskin-Robbins current cake designs. So, if you are looking for something extra special, check in with your local Baskin-Robbins cake designer.



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