Burst Into Spring with Baskin-Robbins’ Newest Flavor of the Month

Burst Into Spring with Baskin-Robbins’ Newest Flavor of the Month

Cotton Candy Crackle almost seems like a fantasy flavor dreamt up by the child in your life who took the classic carnival treat and paired it with their favorite popping candy. But here at Baskin-Robbins, we love turning imagination into ice cream.

Inspired by the original “fairy floss” treat that was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair, Baskin-Robbins first released Cotton Candy ice cream in 1997 and over two decades later it remains one of our top fifteen flavors. When fans love a flavor this much, we’re always looking for fun and innovative ways to take it up a notch.



Cotton Candy Crackle takes a fresh new twist on the original favorite with an added pop of flavor (literally)! A colorful collision of cotton candy ice cream swirled with a vibrant pink cotton candy ribbon is just the beginning of this reimagined delight. To excite your taste buds in an unexpected way, we added bright yellow popping candy pieces that crackle and burst with flavor as you enjoy every scoop. While this classic confectionary has been around for centuries, you’ve never experienced it like this!

“We love creating exciting new ways for customers to experience some of their favorite flavors,” said Jeanne Bolger, Director of Research and Development for Baskin-Robbins. “Cotton Candy Crackle has become one of the most popular flavors at our shops in Japan, and we thought, what better time to bring it to the U.S. than for our fans to enjoy during the spring and summer?”

You can enjoy Cotton Candy Crackle, and your other Baskin-Robbins favorites, right at home with “no contact” delivery via DoorDash. Through May 31, orders of $15 or more will qualify for $0 delivery fee with the promo code BASKIN. For full terms, visit the link here.

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