The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins’ Mom’s Makin’ Cookies®

The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins’ Mom’s Makin’ Cookies®

Great day at school? That’s a reason to celebrate. No traffic on the drive home? There’s another. Celebrate all of life’s wins (big or small) with Mom’s Makin’ Cookies®*, a batch made in heaven! Lucky for you, we’re unveiling mom’s secret recipe made into this deliciously smooth and sweet ice cream.

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Originally launched for Mother’s Day in 2014 to honor moms everywhere, we’re excited to bring back this fan-favorite flavor that’s a delicious ode to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Mom’s Makin’ Cookies® features brown sugar flavored ice cream with chocolate chip cookie pieces, chocolate chips, and a cookie dough flavored swirl. 

An elevated twist on our Baskin-Robbins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mom’s Makin’ Cookies® takes this guest favorite to the next level with mom’s crispy chocolate chip cookies and cozy brown sugar flavored ice cream. The chocolate chip cookie pieces used in this enticing flavor are adorable mini chocolate chip cookies, and the chocolate chips are similar in size to mini chocolate chips. As an added element to this already delectable scoop, we also include a cookie dough flavored swirl which has a delightful texture that mimics the sweet, sugary texture of cookie dough.

You can enjoy a scoop of Mom’s Makin’ Cookies® in a freshly baked, chocolate-dipped waffle cone or as a layer in one of our signature ice cream cakes. Mom’s Makin’ Cookies® is also a perfect treat that you can enjoy right at home with delivery via DoorDash or Uber Eats, Postmates or Grubhub, or you can place an order at or through the BR App for pickup, where available.

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