The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins’ Rocky Road

The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins’ Rocky Road

Had an extra day off? That’s a reason to celebrate. It’s National Rocky Road Day? There’s another! Today, there’s no better way to seize the yay than by enjoying Baskin-Robbins®’ classic Rocky Road Ice Cream.

This original 31 flavor features Chocolate Ice Cream swirled with heaps of delicious Mini Marshmallows and Roasted Almonds. The perfect afternoon treat, Rocky Road features a delicious balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Story Behind Rocky Road

What’s in Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road Ice Cream?

This Baskin-Robbins staple was added to our menu in 1945 and has been enjoyed by guests ever since. In this classic scoop, the Roasted Almonds provide a salty flavor that is balanced by the sweetness of the Mini Marshmallows and Chocolate Ice Cream. As the star of the scoop, the Chocolate Ice Cream is rich and indulgent, and the Miniature Marshmallows add a light, fluffy texture which is contrasted with the crunchiness of the Roasted Almonds. It is a dreamy combination of sweet and salty flavors with rich, velvety and crunchy textures.

If you’re looking for other ways to enjoy this flavor, you can order Rocky Road in a Pre-Packed Quart or Fresh Pack, as a sundae, or even in a creamy milkshake. For those of you going the extra celebration mile on National Rocky Road Day, you can enjoy it at the center of one of our delicious ice cream cakes!

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