What’s the Difference Between Baskin-Robbins’ Sugar Cones, Cake Cones and Waffle Cones?

What’s the Difference Between Baskin-Robbins’ Sugar Cones, Cake Cones and Waffle Cones?

We celebrate the happiness ice cream brings to every moment, whether that’s in a cup or cone! From tons of ice cream flavors with loads of toppings to our milkshakes and floats, we have something for everyone to enjoy. We know that how you enjoy your ice cream is just as important as picking your favorite flavor, so we've got you covered with three delightful ice cream cone options to enjoy. Keep reading to learn the difference between our Sugar Cones, Cake Cones, and Waffle Cones.

Sugar Cone

Our Sugar Cones are the ultimate classic ice cream cone choice that never disappoints. With a sturdy, solid round edge, they can handle even the most indulgent double scoop. Don't be fooled by their lattice-like pattern, they are not to be confused with their Waffle Cone counterpart. The Sugar Cone boasts a flat brim, and it's made with sugar and molasses, giving it a sweet and scrumptious flavor that compliments any sweet scoop. You can even take our cones to the next level with our Chocolate Dipped and Fancy Sugar Cones, which are covered in an array of delightful toppings like rainbow sprinkles and chopped almonds.

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Cake Cone

Cake Cones are a crowd-pleaser, especially for those looking for a lighter, crispy texture. The subtle flavor of the Cake Cone allows the true taste of the ice cream to shine through. Unlike their Sugar Cone counterpart, Cake Cones have a flat bottom. This makes them a great choice if you are multitasking and need to set your cone down, and you won't have to worry about your ice cream making a run for it on a hot summer day. If you're in the mood for a cone upgrade, treat yourself to one of our Chocolate Dipped or Fancy Cake Cones adorned with a plethora of tasty toppings.

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Waffle Cone

Indulge in the fan-favorite Waffle Cone! Our Waffle Cones are made from scratch in-shop with a hint of cinnamon. The delicious aroma of cinnamon waffles will have your mouth watering before you even get your scoop. With its pointed bottom and wide opening at the top, the Waffle Cone is the perfect vessel for your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. Unlike the Sugar or Cake Cones, the Waffle Cone is built to handle even the most decadent of toppings. Hot fudge? Whipped cream? Brownie pieces? M&Ms®? No problem, we've got you covered! We even offer Waffle Bowls for those who want to take their sundae game to the next level.

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