Baskin-Robbins Answers Your Top Smoothie Questions

Baskin-Robbins Answers Your Top Smoothie Questions

If there’s one thing you can always expect from Baskin-Robbins®, it’s that we’re gonna keep it real. We’re taking things to the next level with new smoothies made with real fruit. (Yes, really!). And they’re available in three refreshing flavors: Mixed Berry, Strawberry and Mango, so you can sip however you like it. Keep reading to learn more about our refreshingly fruity drinks perfect for spring.

What is a Baskin-Robbins Smoothie?

A warm-weather staple, but delicious all year round, smoothies are the perfect frozen beverage to quench any craving on the go. Baskin-Robbins Smoothies include real fruit, fruit puree base and ice.

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Are Baskin-Robbins Smoothies Non-Dairy*?

Yes! They’re smooth and scrumptious. Bold and bright. Baskin-Robbins Smoothies are made with real fruit, fruit puree base, and ice. And they come in three non-dairy flavors: juicy Mixed Berry, zesty Strawberry, or tropical Mango.

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How to make a Baskin-Robbins Smoothie vs. a Milkshake            

While both beverages are delicious, they are not as similar as some may think. At Baskin-Robbins, our Milkshakes are a classic twist on traditional ice cream, featuring flavors of the guest’s choice, whole milk and simple syrup, which creates the perfect sippable scoop. Blended to perfection, Baskin-Robbins Smoothies combine real fruit, fruit puree base, and ice, with the option for guests to customize and add a banana.

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Can I get a Baskin-Robbins Smoothie Delivered?

Sipping on a smoothie has never been easier with delivery straight to your door via DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates or Caviar. You can also place your order at or through the Baskin-Robbins Mobile App for pickup via drive-thru or carryout, where available.

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*Non-dairy means that the item is made without dairy-containing ingredients. Although the following items do not contain ingredients with dairy, they are NOT produced in a dairy free environment, which means there is always a chance for cross-contact with dairy from other products in the manufacturing facility or restaurant. Given the likelihood of cross-contact in our restaurants, this list is not suitable for people with a milk allergy.