The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins Waffle Cones

The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins Waffle Cones

It’s National Waffle Day, so celebrate the Baskin-Robbins way with your favorite flavors in a fresh-baked waffle cone. This National Waffle Day we are celebrating by giving our fans the inside scoop about how our wonderful waffle cones are made!

Has this ever happened to you - you walk into a Baskin-Robbins and immediately take in the glorious, sweet vanilla and cinnamon smell of fresh-baked waffle cones?  It’s pretty irresistible and creates the perfect complement to any flavor of ice cream. Baskin-Robbins makes all our waffle cones fresh in-shop to bring that cozy bakery taste to any flavor you choose.

Our team of culinary experts showed us step-by-step how they make the delicious cones that enhances the Baskin-Robbins experience guests love and expect. From original waffle cones or waffle bowls to Fancy Waffle Cones that are topped with chocolate, sprinkles or nuts, the waffle cone is something that takes love and care to create. Keep reading for the inside scoop on how these fresh-made waffle cones are crafted.

To begin, team members at your local Baskin-Robbins combine our special waffle cone recipe and water and mix in a bowl until there’s a smooth consistency.

Then, they carefully put one ladle of the batter onto a waffle iron, spreading from one edge to the other.

Once fully cooked, the team then removes the waffle from the iron and roll it into the cone shape using a waffle cone mandrel.

To make this a Baskin-Robbins Fancy Waffle Cone, the team then dips the cone into melted chocolate.

To make the Fancy Waffle Cone even more special, while the chocolate is still warm, our team tops the waffle cone with sprinkles or nuts (optional).