Baskin-Robbins Brings Back OREO® 'n Cold Brew & Brews Up a New Beverage

Baskin-Robbins Brings Back OREO® 'n Cold Brew & Brews Up a New Beverage

The Ice Cream for Coffee Lovers

In need of an afternoon pick-me-up? To keep you going this fall, Baskin-Robbins® has brought back fan-favorite flavor, OREO® ‘n Cold Brew. This deliciously irresistible scoop features Cold Brew flavored Ice Cream packed with OREO®* Cookie Pieces and Chocolate Cookie Swirls. A mouthwatering medley of OREO® Cookies and Cold Brew flavors, this scoop will leave coffee and OREO® lovers alike craving more.

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What could be better than combining two beloved flavors to get your day brewing? The boldness of our Cold Brew flavored Ice Cream, made with real Cold Brew, packed with OREO® Cookie Pieces and Chocolate Cookie Swirls is a delightfully energizing treat to keep you going – anytime, anywhere. This flavor packs a rich and authentic Cold Brew taste while the Cookie Swirl provides a delightful texture. The Cookie Pieces create an added crunch with sweet pockets of smooth crème.

Introducing the OREO® 'n Cold Brew Blast

Returning favorite, OREO® 'n Cold Brew, is delicious on its own in a scoop, but also tastes great blended into our new OREO® ‘n Cold Brew Blast. With this new beverage, every moment is a big win. Cold Brew Coffee comes together with OREO® 'n Cold Brew Ice Cream and simple syrup, creating an irresistible flavor combination. Topped off with whipped cream and OREO® Cookie Pieces, this sweet treat is sure to keep you going. Whether you’re grabbing a spoon or a straw, this flavor will quickly satisfy your cold brew cravings at any time of the day. Get a sweet sip of our new OREO® 'n Cold Brew Blast, available for a limited time only.

OREO 'n Cold Brew Blast

Order Baskin-Robbins for Delivery

Want to get a scoop of OREO® ‘n Cold Brew or try our new beverage without leaving home? Try out the irresistible OREO® ‘n Cold Brew flavor with delivery via DoorDash, Uber Eats or Postmates. You can also place an order at or through the Baskin-Robbins mobile app for pickup via drive-thru, carry-out or curbside, where available.

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*OREO® is a registered trademark of Mondelēz International group, used under license.