The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake

The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake

In celebration of National Cheesecake Day, we’re highlighting a Baskin-Robbins® flavor staple, Strawberry Cheesecake. This classic flavor features Cheesecake flavored Ice Cream with fluffy Cheesecake Pieces and Strawberry flavored Swirls. Keep reading for the story behind this dessert-inspired ice cream flavor.

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Introduced in 1964, this flavor features a delicious balance of decadent cheesecake and fruity flavors. While developing this ice cream, the Baskin-Robbins Research & Development team worked to deconstruct the flavors of a classic dessert to transform them into this delicious ice cream. Cheesecake is an indulgent flavor that is commonly paired with fruit. Highlighting this fruit-forward pairing, the sweet Strawberry flavored Swirls perfectly complement the tangy, tart and creamy Cheesecake flavored Ice Cream. To add to the scoop’s indulgence, the fluffy Cheesecake Chunks are the final delicious piece that ties together this fan-favorite flavor.

Delicious in a Waffle Cone or as a creamy milkshake, Strawberry Cheesecake also pairs well with flavors like our refreshing Golden Hour, Baseball Nut® and Very Berry Strawberry. And if a scoop or two isn’t enough to get your cheesecake fix, you can order Strawberry Cheesecake in a Pre-Packed Quart or Fresh Pack. For those of you going the extra celebration mile on National Cheesecake Day, you can also enjoy it at the center of one of our delicious “just because” ice cream cakes.

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