The Story Behind January Flavor of the Month, Magic Layer Bar™

The Story Behind January Flavor of the Month, Magic Layer Bar™

Happy New Year! It’s the best time of year to remember all of the great things that happened in the last 365 days and to celebrate the excitement of all of the magical moments to come.  Even though the holidays are over, Baskin-Robbins® has a lineup of exciting flavors that will keep that sweet tooth satisfied all year long. We’re kicking off 2022 with a brand-new Flavor of the Month! Keep reading for the inside scoop on Magic Layer Bar™.

Do you remember the first time you ever experienced biting into a gooey, chewy, chocolatey, Seven Layer Magic Bar? Stuffed full of some of the sweetest ingredients you can imagine, the Seven Layer Magic Bar was the inspiration for Baskin-Robbins’ tantalizing January Flavor of the Month. Just like the classic indulgent dessert, our flavor combines all of the best ingredients from a baker’s pantry to create something special.

Magic Layer Bar™ swirls chewy coconut and graham cracker crumbles into a French custard flavored ice cream with a smooth ganache swirl. Each ingredient in a scoop of Magic Layer Bar™ represents an ingredient you’d taste biting into a Seven Layer Magic Bar - the graham cracker crumbles mimic the bottom graham layer, while the ganache swirl brings through the essence of melted chocolate chips, and the must-have coconut shreds top it all off with that last bit of sweetness. The French custard flavored ice cream imitates the rich creaminess you get from the sweetened condensed milk which holds the Seven Layer Magic Bar together, giving a subtle background flavor that allows for the other ingredients to shine through.

Magic Layer Bar- Natural Scoop


While developing this flavor, the Research and Development team at Baskin-Robbins wanted to reimagine the Seven Layer Magic Bar into a deconstructed version of the fan-favorite dessert. “We feel the combination of ingredients we chose for the January Flavor of the Month really had to set the tone for the magic we’re going to bring to our customers this year through our exciting new flavor lineup,” said Shawn-Marie Allan, Research & Development Technologist for Baskin-Robbins. “Magic Layer Bar™ is a scoop of pure bliss and a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of a new year.”

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